Natural History Museum

Winner of Visit London’s 2009 Best London for Free Experience Award, the Natural History Museum is also a world-leading science research centre. Through its collections and scientific expertise, the Museum is helping to conserve the extraordinary richness and diversity of the natural world with groundbreaking projects in over 68 countries.






Facts about life, the planet, environment and evolution.


Central Hall

With its cathedral-like structure, frescoes and sculptures, the Museum's Central Hall forms a fantastic backdrop to some of the highlights of the Museum's collection including a Diplodocus skeleton and a 1,300-year-old giant sequoia. Charles Darwin's famous statue sits at the top of the hall's grand staircase.



Every living thing is part of a cycle between air, water, earth and the rest of the environment. Ecology explores these connections and looks at the place of humans in the web of life.

Creepy Crawlies

Satisfy your curiosity about ants, butterflies, crabs, spiders, termites and 1000s of their relatives. The Creepy Crawlies gallery explores how all arthropods live. Take a closer look at the 4 main groups: insects, crabs and related species, centipedes and millipedes, and spiders and related species.


Fossil Marine Reptiles

The Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery can be found on Waterhouse Way and has some of the best examples of these fossils ever found in Britain.



View specimens ranging from a tiny hummingbird to a giant ostrich and meet the now extinct Mauritius dodo.



Diversity of life from the smallest invertebrate to the giant blue whale.



Explore the 160 million years of the dinosaur era. Find out what the dinosaurs looked like, what they ate, and how they evolved.



See some of the largest creatures on the planet, learn the truth about unicorns and discover how to make whale noises as you explore the amazing world of mammals.


Human Biology

You’re amazing – and the Human Biology gallery explains why, with all kinds of facts and figures about our bodies. Learn how senses like hearing and smell work, how our memories function, how blood does its job, and how the brain and other organs work together. Listen to what a baby experiences in the womb, test out your memory, and learn all about cells and genetics.


The ever-changing planet.


Visions of Earth

Walk along an avenue of sculptures, and examine beautiful specimens, including a piece of the moon. Then take the escalator up through the giant Earth sculpture made from iron, zinc and copper.


Earth Today and Tomorrow

Explore the impact of human activity on our planet and how this will affect its future.

From the Beginning

Taking you right back to the big bang and the history of time itself, here you can explore the distant past, discover early sea creatures, mammals and ancient fossils – and take a peek into the Earth’s future...


The Power Within

Earthquakes and volcanoes are the most dramatic manifestations of the power of nature. Discover what causes these violent events, what they feel and look like, and how scientists work to predict them.

Good to know:

  • All galleries are free except for some temporary exhibitions.
  • Visits involve plenty of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • You can avoid busy times by visiting on weekdays outside school holidays. Mornings are also often less busy. The Exhibition Road entrance is the quietest.
  • You can take photographs and videos for personal use in the Museum unless otherwise stated, but the use of tripods is not permitted.


Download floorplan - Green Zone - Blue Zone - Red Zone

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