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CITY TOURS in Naples

CITYSEEING NAPOLI (sightseeing by bus) - Hop on hop off

Tickets: 22 EUR/adult, 11 EUR/child


Art tour - Line A: April-October 9:45-17:15, November-March 10:45-15:45, every 75-90 minutes

Bay of Naples - Line B: April-October 9:30-17:00, November-March 9:45-16:00, every 45-75 minutes

Donnaregina - R: April-October 10:00-16:45, November-March 10:15-15:00, every 75 minutes 

Routes: different routes

Language: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese



Themes: Archaeological, Arte Napoletana, La Vita Napoletana, Orientation Chat, Pizza tanfolyam, Underground Naples etc.




Opening hours: Wednesday-Monday 9:00-19:30, Tuesday closed

(last admission 1 hour before closing)

Tickets: 6,5 EUR/adult, free for children

Getting there: Metro 1 - Museo or Metro 2 - Cavour

The Naples National Archaeological Museum contains a large collection of Roman artifacts from Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum. The collection includes works of the highest quality produced in Greek, Roman and Renaissance times.



Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00-19:00, Sunday closed

Tickets: 5 EUR/adult, free for children

Getting there: Metro 1 - Municipio

Castel Nuovo often called Maschio Angioino is the main symbol in Naples. The original appearance of the castle is visible in the Chapel of Santa Barbara, with frescoes by Giotto and his student, Maso di Banco. Within the castle are housed the Neapolitan Society of National History, possessing roughly 170 thousand volumes, drawings, prints, and manuscripts; and also the Civic Museum, which guards a rich collection of art works originally in Neapolitan churches.



Opening hours: Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday 9:30-18:30, Saturday-Sunday 10:30-19:30, Wednesday closed

(last admission 1 hour before closing)

Tickets: 6 EUR/adult, free for children

Audio guide (Italian, English): 4 EUR

Getting there: Metro 1 - Municipio

The Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte is the National Gallery with one of the finest collections in Italy; more than 500 pictures, including works by Titian (portraits of members of ruling families from the Farnese collection), Mantegna, Caravaggio, El Greco, Bellini and Neapolitan artists of the 17th and 18th century.


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Tickets to crater: 6,5 EUR/person

Getting there: Train Circumvesuviana from Stazione di Napoli Centrale station to Pompeii Scavi - 30 km, 25-35 minutes - 3,6 EUR return and Bus to vulcano (schedule: to vulcano 9:00-14:00, to train station 11:00-18:00, hourly - 15 minutes - 1-2 EUR oneway



The Vesuvius National Park nature trail network comprises 9 trails that let visitors discover all of the beauty and peculiar features of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex. Each trail has been made safe using special engineering techniques, and signposted with information on the nature, geology and history of the trail. There are signs indicating the colour of the trail shown on the signpost at the beginning of the trail.


Getting there: Train Circumvesuviana from Stazione di Napoli Centrale station to Pompeii Scavi - 30 km, 25-35 minutes - 3,6 EUR return



Opening hours: April-October 8:30-19:30, November-March 8:30-17:00

(last admission 1,5 hours before closing)

Tickets: 11 EUR/adult, free for children

Combined tickets (Herculaneum, Pompeii, Oplontis, Stabiae, Boscoreale): 20 EUR/adult/3 days


Getting there: Train Circumvesuviana from Stazione di Napoli Centrale station to Sorrento - 50 km, 1 hour - 6,6 EUR return or Hydrofoil:

MetroMare: from Beverello port to Sorrento - 45-50 minutes - 6,5 EUR oneway

Schedule: Naples-Sorrento: 7:00, 8:10, 8:25, 14:15 16:00, Sorrento-Naples: 7:40, 11:15, 16:45, 17:00, 19:40

Alilauro: from Beverello port to Sorrento - 45-50 minutes - 11 EUR/adult oneway, 7,5 EUR/child oneway

Schedule: Naples-Sorrento: 09:00, 11:00, 13:05, 15:00, 17:15, Sorrento-Naples: 08:20, 09:45, 12:00, 13:45, 16:25


COOKING CLASS (wine tasting, gastronomical tour) 

Opening hours: 10:00-14:00

Cooking class with lunch: 70 EUR/person

Wine and gastronomical tour (tasting, lunch, Nougat factory visit): 120 EUR/person

The cooking classes are based on menus of the traditional Italian cuisine, with a particular emphasis on Neapolitan recipes. Special programs can be arranged for those who wish to focus their attention on specific dishes or Italian specialties such as Pizza, bread, pasta, sauces, fish, pastries and decoration, drinks and wine.



Scooter: 14 EUR/5 hours, 23 EUR/day, 135 EUR/week


Getting there: from Naples or Sorrento



From Naples Beverlo port to Capri - 50 minutes - 16 EUR/adult oneway, 11 EUR/child oneway

Naples-Capri: 7:10-18:55

Capri-Naples: 8:15-18:35 every 45-60 minutes



From Naples Beverlo port to Capri - 50 minutes - 16,6 EUR/adult oneway, 12,5 EUR/child oneway

Naples-Capri: 8:35, 10:35, 12:40, 16:30

Capri-Naples: 9:35, 11:35, 14:35, 17:30

From Sorrento port to Capri - 25 minutes - 14,1 EURadult oneway, 7,5 EUR/child oneway

Sorrento-Capri: 8:00, 9:10, 10:55, 12:55, 13:2, 15:15, 16:25

Capri-Sorrento: 7:20, 8:35, 9:50, 11:45, 13:30, 14:00, 14:40, 15:50, 17:05



Price: 8,5-10 EUR/person

Getting there: small boats (Boat trips or here)

Capri’s Blue Grotto is known throughout the world for its size, the intense blue tones of its interior and the magical silvery light which emanates from the objects immersed in its waters. Visitors to the Grotta Azzurra can arrive either by bus or taxi from Anacapri; or by boat from Marina Grande in one of the tour boats which stop at the entrance of the cave during the trip around the island. In order to enter the Grotta Azzurra visitors climb aboard small rowing boats, with a capacity for two, maximum three, passengers and, lying on the bottom of the boat, enter the low and narrow mouth of the cave. Entrance to the cave is not possible in the presence of south westerly and mistral winds.


MONTE SOLARO (panorama view for Capri)

Getting there: Chairlift from Anacapri - 12 minutes - 5,5 EUR oneway, 7 EUR return, free for children up to 8 years

From the center of Anacapri, the summit of Monte Solaro can be reached by foot in approximately an hour and a half. Alternatively, visitors can take the chair lift, thereby arriving at the peak in just 12 minutes. Here one finds the ruins of the “Fortino di Bruto” built at the start of the 1800’s, in the period of the battles between the English and the French. Monte Solaro is the highest part of Capri, towering 589 meters above sea level, and boasting a 360° panorama of the island of Capri. In the distance one can identify the mountains of Calabria, the Pennines and the Amalfi coast, the Sorrentine peninsula, the Gulf of Naples, and the islands of Procida and Ischia.


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