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IATA The International Air Transport Association, have said farewell to the paper flight tickets 31st of May 2008, so now all flights will be with electronic flight tickets. That means you can print out the confirmation of your e-ticket, that you receive by e-mail and in the airport, the ID or passport is enough to have when being checked in.


The low cost flights are cheap, but they can not provide the comfort of normal flights. The low cost airlines do not include onboard services in the price, such as drink, meals and you have to pay extra for baggages. Furthermore, the seats on the plane are not pre-assigned and most of the plan can not keep its schedule. When you travel low cost, you must consider these.



Boarding Pass

A card given to airline passen- gers on completion of check-in procedures prior to boarding an aircraft, showing the passenger’s name, flight number, section of aircraft and seat number. The analogous pass used in ships is called an embarkation card.


Aircraft types

Regular/narrow body aircraft – jet aircraft with a fuselage diameter less than 200 in. and propulsion by turbine engines of less than 30000 pounds per engine, e.g., Boeing 707 or 727

Wide body aircraft – jet aircraft with a fuselage diameter exceeding 200in. and propulsion greater than 30 000 pounds per engine, e.g. Boeing 747 or 767, commonly also described as jumbo jet


Airline codes

Two-letter airline designators, assigned and published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), for use in reservations, timetables and ticketing, as well as other inter- and intra-industry applica- tions. Thus, e.g., BA = British Airways, DL = Delta Airlines, QF = QANTAS.


City/airport codes

Three-letter location identifiers assigned and published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for use in timetables, ticketing and other communications. Thus, e.g., LON = London UK; LHR = London Heathrow Airport; NYC = New York, USA; JFK = New York J.F. Kennedy International Airport.


Code sharing

The use of the same airline identification code for two or more sectors, which may be operated by different airlines; a practice of relatively recent origin, designed to promote the use of airlines for connecting flights.


Ticketing codes

One-letter standard abbreviations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to show various characteristics of a flight on an airline ticket, such as class of service (e.g. F for first, C for business/club, Y for economy); timing (e.g., N for night, W for weekend, X for weekday); types of fares (e.g., E for excursion, P for family, Z for youth fares).


Business Class

A class of transport, usually airline, service between first and economy class, i.e., less expensive than the former and more comfortable than the latter, with various special amenities. Also known as Club Class on some airlines.



The hire by contract of the whole or part capacity (part charter) of an aircraft, ship, train or bus; when several operators share a charter, this is known as split charter. Single or several one-off arrangements are known as ad hoc charters, regular journeys contracted for as series charters; in the case of time charter an operator has an exclusive use of the vehicle throughout the period of the charter. In travel and tourism chartering has assumed a particu- lar significance in connection with inclusive tours by air, which were responsible for much of the growth of international travel/tourism following the Second World War.


Check-in time

Term most commonly used to denote the latest time by which passengers are required to report at the airport terminal before flight departure. The interval between check-in and departure times usually differs as between domestic and international flights, but also between scheduled and charter services to the same destination.


Connecting time

Although applicable in most forms of transport, of particular importance in air travel, where it is the minimum specified time to be allowed for a passenger between arrival on one flight and departure on a connect- ing flight. The time varies between airports, domestic and international flights, on-line and off-line, and according to other circumstances.


Jet lag

A condition experienced by people flying long distances across a number of time zones and caused by the disruption of the natural rhythms of the human body. It commonly manifests itself in sleeplessness and other disorders and is usually found to be more prominent on eastbound than westbound flights, but the effect varies between individuals.


Long haul/short haul travel

Distinction of particular relevance in civil aviation, where it stems from difference in aircraft types, operational and traffic handling techniques and in marketing. Sometimes used synonymously with travel between/ within continents or between/within global regions. However, the distinction is most appropriately based on the measurable length of haul. Thus, e.g., the Consumers' Association’ s Holiday Which? defines long haul travel as flights lasting more than about five hours.


Open-jaw trip

A return (round trip) journey with different originating and terminating points (e.g., London/New York/Paris) or with a departure point for the return different from the arrival point (e.g., Chicago/London and Paris/Chicago).



In travel and tourism, most commonly used in relation to a would-be passenger without a reservation taking a chance and waiting for a seat to become available; hence standby passenger, also standby fare, a reduced fare available for standby passengers on some routes.


Waiting list

A list of passengers wishing to join a flight, sailing or tour, which is fully booked. Those on the list may then be accommodated in case of cancellations or no shows.


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