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Instant confirmation

It means that the indicated rooms are readily available and your reservation can be confirmed once you complete the payment.


"On request booking"

It means before proceeding with your reservation, the supplier must check availability at some hotels by phone or fax first. Such reservations will be confirmed (or will not, if there is no any free capacity in the hotel chosen) by email to you usually within 1-2 business days.



Procedure for registration of guests on arrival in hotels and other accommodation establishments, commonly by signing a register.


Check-in time

Term most commonly used to how late a reserved room will be held before it is let to another guest, unless the hotel is notified of late arrival.


Late arrival

Term used by hotels to apply to a guest who arrives or is scheduled to arrive after the latest check-in time specified by the hotel, usually after undertaking of guaranteed payment and/or prior notification of late arrival is received by the hotel.



Procedure for guests vacating their rooms and settling their accounts in hotels and other accommodation establishments.


Check-out time

Latest time by which hotel guests are expected to vacate and pay for their rooms on the day of departure, commonly but not necessarily 12 noon.


Late check-out

Check-out by a guest in a hotel later than the stipulated time, commonly but not necessarily noon. Hotels may make an additional charge, but it is common practice to extend a guest’s check-out time on request, if the room is not required for another guest.


Day rate

The rate available in some hotels for daytime use of bedrooms, particularly common in airport hotels.


Rack rate

Standard full or published price per hotel room, to be distinguished from various special (discounted) rates at which rooms may be actually sold, and also from average room rate (ARR).


No show

Term used in the business for a hotel guest or passenger with a reservation who fails to take it up without notifying the hotel or carrier.


Single supplement

Additional payment by a guest for single occupancy of a hotel room, usually on an organized tour for which charges are specified on the basis of sharing a room.



To change to a superior standard, as in moving a passenger or a hotel guest or their reservation to a superior seat or accommodation.




  • Single Room - for one person with a single bed or a twin bed
  • Double Room -  for two people with a queen or king size bed
  • Twin Room - for two people with two single beds
  • Triple Room - for three people with a queen and a single bed or three single beds



  • Single bed - standard bed approx. 36 x 75 in. (90 x 188 cm)
  • King size bed - an extra wide, extra long double bed, min. 72 x 80 in. (180 x 200 cm)
  • Queen size bed - an extra wide, extra long double bed, approx. 60 x 80 in. (150 x 200 cm)
  • Sofa bed - couch with back and arms, serving as a sofa by day and as a bed by night
  • Bunk bed - two-tier bed, common in youth hostels, and ships
  • 'Z' bed - a folding and movable bed; when folded, it can be moved on castors and stand as a piece of furniture with a headboard providing a horizontal surface
  • Rollaway bed - a portable collapsible bed, which can be rolled under another, when not in use
  • Berth bed - a sleeping place on a ship or train, often folding and attached to a wall



  • Connecting rooms - rooms in a hotel or another building adjacent to each other with direct access between them without the need to use a corridor, hall or another area, although they can also be used as separate accommodation
  • Duplex - accommodation unit on two floors connected by a private stairway. When consist- ing of two rooms, one is normally used as a bedroom and the other as a living room, or both may be used as bed-sitting rooms
  • Suite - set of connecting rooms consisting of one or more bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms and sometimes also additional rooms such as a dining room. Also used to describe a very large room with separate living and sleeping areas, called junior suite.
  • En suite - term used in such descriptions as ‘bedroom with bathroom en suite’ or ‘bedroom with en suite bathroom’, i.e., with private bathroom attached
  • Penthouse - accommodation, often a suite, on the top floor of a high building





Place to which people go for holidays (vacations) and recreation, hence holiday (vacation) and health resorts, also inland and coastal/seaside resorts. Historically the evolution of tourism has been closely identified with the beginnings and subsequent development of resorts. Nowadays the term often has its literal meaning to denote any visitor centre to which people resort in large numbers and capital cities tend to be the largest and most prosperous resorts in their countries, especially for international tourists.


Boutique hotel

A relatively new designation of hotel accommodation, usually small in scale, privately owned and managed, with the emphasis on high quality personal service, comfort, decor and design, often operated in a distinctive restored building.


Apartment hotel

An establishment combining the features of an apartment building and a hotel, i.e., providing furnished accommodation with cooking facilities without service, and also offering such optional facilities as maid service or a restaurant, catering commonly but not exclusively for longer-stay residents. Also known as apartotel.



An establishment providing customary hotel facilities and services on a permanently anchored ship.


Guest house

Small owner-managed establishment normally providing accommodation, food and drink to residents only, also known in Continental Europe as a pension.



Establishment common in Continental Europe, usually described in English-speaking countries as a guest house, normally owner-managed and providing accommodation, food and drink to residents only.



An establishment providing accommodation and often also other facilities and services primarily for motorists. Originating in North America as a response to growth in motor travel, early motels were distinguished by low-rise buildings with rooms normally accessible from the outside, adjacent car parking and location in relation to highways. These features are still characteristic of many motels today but other establishments so called do not differ significantly from hotels with extensive parking facilities, and are sometimes also known as motor hotels, motor inns and motor lodges.



An establishment providing inexpensive accommodation and often also food, usually for specific groups, rather than the general public, such as employees of a firm, students, young travellers (youth hostel).



A traditional Japanese inn, commonly with a garden, private suites or guest rooms with shared bathrooms, and meals normally served in rooms.


Self-catering accommodation

Overnight accommodation provided without meals in many holiday centres, rented rooms, houses, apartments, and similar establishments, where cooking and other facilities are provided for guests’ use. Large self-catering complexes often provide retail outlets for provisions, as well as restaurants as optional facilities.



  • American breakfast - a term used especially outside North America to describe a breakfast that includes such small dishes as cereals, eggs, corned beef hash, pastries and waffles
  • Continental breakfast - consisting as a minimum of tea or coffee, bread, toast or rolls, butter and preserves, but sometimes also served with juice, cheese and cold meat
  • English breakfast - normally consisting of juice and/or cereal, main dish, toast, butter and preserves, tea or coffee. The main dish usually consists of meat, fish or eggs or combinations of these.
  • Asian breakfast - a term used especially in the region to describe a breakfast which includes Asian dishes, such as cougee (rice porridge), noodles and dim sum (different small dishes)
  • A la carte menu - a menu providing a choice of items, each of which is priced separately
  • Buffet - a self-service meal consisting of a selection of dishes displayed on a table or counter. Hence, e.g., cold or hot buffet; buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Table d’hôte menu - a limited choice menu with a single price for any combination of items chosen or with a price determined by the choice of the main dish



  • American Plan (AP) or Fullboard - includes room and three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Bed and Breakfast (BB) - includes room and Continental or English breakfast
  • Bermuda Plan - includes room and English breakfast
  • Continental Plan - includes room and Continental breakfast
  • Half-board - includes room, breakfast and one main meal per day, usually dinner
  • European Plan - includes room only and no meals
  • All inclusive - includes the room, all meals, drinks, and in most cases non-motorized water sports fees


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